Explore Österlen

What to do when visiting Österlen

Ekenäs Gård is located close to the ocean and Stenshuvud National Park, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape and fields of rapeseed. 
From our countryside hotel you can get around with car or bicycle to farm shops, restaurants, cafés, design stores, botanical gardens, plant shops and art galleries.

You can rent your bicycle from us! 
(electric or regular)

Cycling trips

Stenshuvud National Park with sandy beaches (10 min)

Kivik C and harbour (15 min)
Restaurants, supermarket and local shops

Rörum (10 min)
Restaurants, galleries and farm shops.

Södra Mellby (10 min)
Bakery, church.

Simrishamn (40 min)
Local town centre, shops and restaurants.

Brösarp (45 min)
Restaurants, supermarkets, antique stores.